Strategic Priorities & Annual Plan

2020-21 Annual Plan

GOAL 2020-21 SST Tactic
GOAL 1: Meet SSU's GI2025 graduation goals, including elimination of equity gaps. Support SST Faculty and Advising staff participation in training on best practices for advising and use of SSU LoboConnect.
Identify and remove barriers to graduation and timely progress to degree.
Reduce DFWI rates while maintaining rigor and quality for SST courses.
Work to address needs of students seeking admission to impacted programs.
Implement high-impact practice of pre-enrollment for freshmen in vertical majors.
Increase use of affordable course materials solutions and improve timeliness of orders.
Respond to campus challenges including PSPS, pandemic, and other unexpected disruptions to normal instruction and operations.
GOAL 2: Create and implement a sustainable A-G (admissions to graduation) student recruitment and support services plan that aligns with SSU's identity as a regionally-serving and Hispanic Serving Institution. Continue and strengthen SST programs aligned with regionally serving and HSI priorities including MESA, SACNAS, and LSAMP.
Partner with LARC to continue and expand academic services to students enrolled in SST courses.
Sustain and expand SST culture promoting student excellence and well-being as fundamentals for academic, career, and life success.
Create programs that can be delivered as the service-learning component of a course.
Develop academic continuity and operations support contingency plans (PSPS, fire, smoke, etc. emergency campus impacts).
GOAL 3: Modernize SSU's teaching and learning spaces and business processes in support of student success. Establish data-informed planning and decision making across School.
Continue to modernize/digitize forms.
Convert SST School, Department, and Program websites; assure content is current and accessible.


SSU STRATEGIC PRIORITY #2: Academic Excellence and Innovation
GOAL 2020-21 SST Tactic
GOAL 1: Diversify faculty and staff ranks while supporting existing faculty and staff to ensure all employees are well-positioned to support SSU’s multicultural student population. Align hiring practices with our inclusivity and diversification goals; share findings broadly so all faculty and staff are aware of diversity gaps.
Offer development workshops to raise awareness of multicultural issues.
GOAL 2: Deliver innovative, high-quality academic programs that prepare students for the regional and global workforce and to contribute meaningfully to twenty-first century society. Explore new programs to address Strategic Enrollment Management objectives.
Develop more internships and corporate partnerships in our local community and beyond to ensure strong employment opportunities for our students.
GOAL 3: Amplify and support the expression of SSU's core values and strategic priorities in our curricula. Enrich student experience by increasing the knowledge and practice of evidence-based teaching and learning best practices.
Fully document upper-division GE offerings; complete development of proposed GE course.


SSU STRATEGIC PRIORITY #3: Leadership Cultivation
GOAL 2020-21 SST Tactic
GOAL 1: Amplify integration of leadership into the curriculum and into co-curricular programming to make this a distinctive feature of SSU educational culture. Promote the identity of SST within the University in collaboration with other SSU units.
Develop a uniform internship policy and support structure.
Build SST Student Ambassadors and MESA Leaders programs; do outreach, mentoring, represent SST in various settings.
Expand student employee opportunities in the School.
GOAL 2: Support SSU faculty and staff in their professional development and RSCA so they can be leaders in the community and their disciplines. Expand opportunities for lecturer engagement and contribution to SST.
Provide faculty leadership development.
Continue and increase the quality of and support for graduate programs within SST.


SSU STRATEGIC PRIORITY #4: Transformative Impact
GOAL 2020-21 SST Tactic
GOAL 1: Deploy SSU talent (faculty, staff, and students) for high-impact and/or community-based service, research, and engagement. Use SSU preserves for leadership training, meetings, retreats.
Expand SST community science projects.
GOAL 2: Amplify and augment SSU's impacts on our regional communities and on the regional and statewide economies. Continue and expand the School's role in the dissemination of science, technology, health, and knowledge of the world and universe.
Continue, coordinate, and possibly expand STEM+H outreach activities.
Support student transition post-graduation.


School of Science & Technology 2020-21 Annual Plan (printable).