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How to Receive Advising

Lower Division, Completed 59 Units and Below
Major/Program Who to See

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Science, Geology, Math, Stats


Dr. Megan D'Errico, Science & Technology Academic Advisor


Mendel Murray, Professional Academic Advisor, The Advising and Transfer Center

Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pre-Nursing, Physics

Christina Thao, Professional Academic Advisor, The Advising and Transfer Center


Declared Upper-Division Majors, Completed 60 or More Units
Major Who to Contact

General BA or BS: any advisor listed below

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Drs. Lisa Bentley, Daniel Crocker, Derek Girman, Brent Hughes, Nathan Rank, Richard Whitkus, or Mackenzie Zippay

Marine Biology: Drs. Daniel Crocker, Brent Hughes, Murali Pillai, Sean Place, Mackenzie Zippay

Molecular Cell Biology: Drs. Michael Cohen, Lisa Hua, Joseph Lin, Murali Pillai, Sean Place

Physiology: Drs. Daniel Crocker, Lis Hua, Murali Pillai, Sean Place, Mackenzie Zippay

Zoology: Drs. Daniel Crocker, Derek Girman, Brent Hughes, Sean Place, Nathan Rank, Mackenzie Zippay

Chemistry, Biochemistry

For students with last names A - CL: Dr. Monica Lares

For students with last names CM- GE: Dr. Bogdan Negru

For students with last names GF - K: Dr. Carmen Works

For students with last names L - O: Dr. Steven Farmer

For students with last names P - SE: Dr. Jon Fukuto

For students with last anmes SF - Z: Dr. Mark Perri

Computer Science

Contact Dr. B. Ravikumar

***Dr. Ravikumar's Fall 2020 office hours are held virtually on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, 10 to 11 am, via Zoom.***

Electrical Engineering Contact Drs. Farid Farahmand, Mohamed Salem, Sudhir Shrestha, or Nansong Wu
Geology, Earth Science Contact Dr. Matty Mookerjee

Exercise Science Concentration: Drs. Wanda Boda or Bulent Sokmen

Interdisciplinary Concentration: Dr. Ellen Carlton

Lifetime Physical Activity Concentration: Dr. Steven Winter

Mathematics & Statistics

Applied Math: Drs. Martha Shott (students with last names A - M) or Sunil Tiwari (students with last names N - Z)

Bi-Di: Dr. Brigitte Lahme

Pure: Drs. Sam Brannen or Natalie Hobson

Secondary Teaching: Drs. Ben Ford or Martha Byrne

Statistics: Drs. Susan Herring (on sabbatical Fall 2020), Elaine Newman, or Rodrigo Gaitan

Pre-Nursing: Christina Thao or Dr. Anna Valdez

BSN: Drs. Rachel Napoli or Karen Werder

Post-Licensure BSN: Dr. Michelle Kelly

FNP: Dr. Mary Ellen Wilkosz

Physics & Astronomy

Astronomy: Drs. Scott Severson or Thomas Targett

Physics: Dr. Hongtao Shi


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Mathematics & Statistics

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Physics & Astronomy

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