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We are always excited to interact with MESA alumni, working professionals, graduate students, or professors passionate about supporting MESA and underrepresented students in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics (STEM) fields! Depending on your level of involvement, we'll connect you in the right way to join us at MESA to make a quick one-time 10 min announcement (research/internship opportunity) up to a full talk/lecture or joining the Advisory Board (below). You have experience, expertise, and a story to share with our students. We want to make that easier to do! 

Please sign up to have your contact information and what ways you are interested in getting involved. MESA is excited to have you as our guest and to share all the awesome initiatives, research, projects, and activities happening at SSU in Sonoma County and beyond! If you do not see something, but you'd like to ask if possible, let us know! For others looking for a one-time event or easily accessible way to volunteer, we'd love for you to fill out the same form to indicate what you'd be interested in sharing or talking with our MESA students. Please sign up at least one week in advance of your visit. Or, if you'd rather, email Sarah Tucker ( with the information you'd like shared, and she'll share it with our MESA students on your behalf.

We are always excited to interact with industry and alumni passionate about supporting MESA!

Sonoma County MESA Industry Alliance


The Sonoma County MESA Industry Advisory (SCMIA) Board consists of dedicated industry and alumni representatives from around Sonoma County who serve in an advisory role in program planning and decision making. We seek the board's input on designing our program and getting involved with our students to strengthen our partnerships with industry and our region. 


By attending a maximum of 2 meetings a year and at least one supporting partnership activity, the expertise of members in the Sonoma County MESA Industry Alliance is critical to the success of MESA and advancing the professional development of our MESA students. Our MESA Program is only made stronger through our connection with local industry and region.


If you have a vision, commitment, and a desire to partner with our MESA Program and region — please consider serving on the Sonoma County MESA Industry Alliance, or speak with us more about what that commitment might look like other one-time ways to get involved. We do not restrict to alumni only or only a certain industry!


Alumni (both of SRJC and SSU), professionals in academia and/or industry in Sonoma County all act as a resource for current MESA students and assisting Sonoma County MESA programs. You can view a few of our current partnerships. At the same time, we are still excited to partner with new and continuing individuals at various companies to add expertise and valuable voices to our program. Our SCMIA board members agree to one partnership activity to help share their recent educational and career experiences via informational interviewing, resume checks, talks/panels, or other activities with our STEM students.

We welcome your interest and would be happy to answer any questions you might have about board participation. If you'd like to consider a more one-time option or shorter commitment, please indicate that in the form, and we'll find a way to connect you to MESA.