Student Goals

  • Stay in good academic standing and excel in coursework
  • Stay on track for a major, but explore other Science & Tech options if wanting to change
  • Find supports and resources to overcome obstacles and challenges

MESA helps students reach the above goals by offering many support services and benefits. The membership requirement is to do one activity each semester, but many choose to do more to get the most out of the program. We know STEM majors are challenging. We are here to support you!

If you want to get more out of MESA, please check out additional ways to go above and beyond. We send out periodic email and Canvas communications about opportunities.

We have worked to create multiple ways to fulfill the program participation requirements. For more information, read below!

NEW Participation Requirement effective as of Spring 2022

Attend/participate in at least THREE MESA activities EACH SEMESTER. Choose from the list below.

  • Attend a MESA Meeting (either synchronous or asynchronous)
  • Attend MESA Tutoring
  • Serve as a MESA Student Assistant (i.e., Tutor)
  • Participate in our Honors program
  • Participate in our Mentor programs
  • Participate in Genentech Fellows Summer Research
  • Participate in MESA Statewide activities (i.e., conferences) 
  • Volunteer for MESA outreach (i.e., tabling)
  • Other MESA-related activities will be considered upon request

Examples of what would fulfill our participation requirement include: 

  • Attending three MESA meetings in one semester. 
  • Attending two tutoring sessions and participating in Honors. 
  • Or any combination of the activities listed above. 

If you have any questions regarding your participation, please email