MESA Honors

Though geared towards third and fourth-year+ students, all MESA Members are eligible to participate in the MESA Honors Program. The MESA honors program is for exceptional students who want to further their educational and professional development while earning distinction within the MESA program! The program is designed to engage and challenge students who are motivated to make the most of their educational experience. 
The deadline to sign up for Fall 2022 is Friday, September 9, 2022. 
Students who fulfill all of the requirements of this program can earn a stipend of up to $1000. Please note that this award may reduce or cancel other financial aid you have been found eligible for through University, federal or state funds. Please contact financial aid if you have any questions. 
Students will also receive an Honors Cord that they can wear at graduation. 
Honors Program Requirements: Students will meet with MESA Staff three times during the semester/year to do the following: 
  • Meeting one: Goal setting
  • Meeting two: Check-in
  • Meeting three: Check-in
At the end of the YEAR/SEMESTER students will submit the following:
  1. A resume or CV
  2. A personal statement and/or cover letter 
  3. A letter of recommendation/support (not from MESA staff)