MESA Study Supplies

MESA students may have a limited budget to spend on school supplies. MESA members are supported by receiving free school supplies. Please contact us to request study materials. 

Most popular items include binders, notebooks, chemistry carbon copy notebooks, pens and pencils, highlighters, and flashcards. 

There are plenty of other ways to save some cash while at college. See the top five tips below.

#1 Textbooks & E-books

Besides asking our SSU librarians for e-book resources and free online open-source textbooks, try downloading the FREE Amazon Kindle App - there a bunch of totally free textbooks! Other students find pdf copies of textbooks at other sites - ask around! Also, renting or buying used textbooks are almost always cheaper than buying them. Amazon textbook rentals are usually half what it costs to rent through the bookstore. or Chegg are some of the lowest prices on the internet for a used book.

Also, ask your professors if you need the most current edition or if one or two editions old will suffice. Often, you can save a lot of money just by using an older version of a textbook. Sometimes you can also ask professors for a copy of their book if they’re asking you to read something they authored/have in their library

**Use your address and get a student discount on Amazon Prime membership, which includes free 2-day shipping, which can help you with other things you may need for college.

#2 Online Groups

Try searching Facebook, Yahoo Groups, Google+ for awesome communities that may help you find either cheap or free stuff for students.

#3 Freecycle (and Similar Sites)

There is no money necessary with Freecycle. You bought your books, paid your rent, and you found just enough change in the couch to pay for a small dinner. But what about that bookshelf you need? If only someone were giving it away for free.

Need more ways? Here is a whole blog about green living

#4 Craigslist

Craigslist has a section for free stuff that may help you snag free school supply samples and goodies. (The “Free” category is under the “For Sale” section.)

Craigslist also has a section (“Community”) where you can learn about local events, yard sales, etc., which may help you track down cheap or even free school supplies for college students.

Bonus: Want to make some quick cash? Consider selling some of your own stuff on Craigslist. Here’s how to sell on Craigslist in just 10 steps.

#5 Be smart about other ways you spend your money & Printing Options

Find free food on campus (always some events going on or catered meetings that have leftovers)

Lobo’s pantry is a great option to pick up free groceries on campus. Campus food information describes Lobo's Pantry hours and pop-up pantries, as well as information about CalFresh. 

25 Cheap and Easy Meals for College Students – Save money at college by eating in. Here are some delicious (and easy) recipes to try.

The University offers many software packages for free with your Sonoma email (including Sophos virus protection and Microsoft Office).  (Not all software remains available after graduation, so use/try it while you’re still enrolled.) This is the Sonoma State, Software List. If you need additional software, check the computers in the library or computer labs. 

There is a 24-hour printing lab on the first floor of the library, south side. You can find instructions on how to log in and print here.