MESA support services & benefits

MESA Student Success Best Practices

Student Goals

  • Stay in good academic standing and excel in coursework
  • Stay on track for a major, but explore other Science & Tech options if wanting to change
  • Find supports and resources to overcome obstacles and challenges

MESA Four main components

Come join us at our MESA meetings, Tuesdays at 5pm 

Get Connected, Get Support!


  • Work through problems, homework, review for quizzes and tests
  • Learn successful study strategies for the specific content
  • Identify and focus on concepts you are struggling with early, before the final

Mentoring & Community

  • Ask questions, observe, inspire, change and grow
  • Support and offer encouragement during difficult challenges
  • Reflect, establish and share successful habits and experiences


  • Choosing right courses for your education and career goals
  • Prioritizing and planning your schedule optimized to life’s demands
  • Monitor and accountable for grades and seeking help towards goals
  • Make an appointment with Dr. D or see a faculty advisor (Loboconnect)

MESA Meetings

  • Gatherings of majors across STEM disciplines to learn and grow, getting connected to resources and information
  • Develop academic and professional skills, and a fun way to meet and mingle with like-minded peers in a casual environment
  • A MESA member said, "I love MESA meetings, it's a great way to connect with peers and feel less alone on campus"

We will be meeting virtually for Fall 2020 in "mesastudy" via Zoom