MESA Tutoring

MESA is an academic support program in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) that provides FREE weekly tutoring to everyone and other benefits to the program members. MESA tutors provide free peer tutoring and learning assistance in most lower-division academic subjects within the School of Science & Technology. This tutoring service is available to all SSU students. Available starting Monday, February 7! We are pleased to offer in-person & virtual drop-ins and appointments. For in-person services, please meet your tutor in Darwin Lobby.   

If you need help with the Zoom web & video conferencing app, please visit SSU (virtual) IT Help Desk or see the MESA Tutoring Zoom Set Up 101 guide.  

Live updating Spring 2022 Schedule: 


Or remember the short link,

We offer both tutoring drop-in sessions (no appointment needed) and one-on-one tutoring appointments. Please see the live updating schedule for the latest hours this week and announcements. Don't know what to expect for tutoring? Read the steps below.

How To Get Tutoring

  1. Check the schedule (regularly as it is live updating and may change throughout the semester) to see our course offerings and availability. 
  2. For Drop-ins: Confirm with the schedule whether drop-ins are in-person or virtual. If in-person, meet in Darwin Lobby. If virtual, make sure to get a Zoom link from your Tutor. 
  3. For Appointments: Click the link in the appointment column on the schedule to be routed to LoboConnect. LoboConnect will only allow you to make appointments for courses you are currently registered in, that we offer tutoring for. If you experience technical difficulties with LoboConnect, please email and your tutor directly to schedule your appointment.

Scheduling & Cancellation Policies

  1. When scheduling appointments in advance, students may only reserve one appointment per week.
  2. You must notify your tutor (email is preferable) if you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment. 
  3. If you must cancel or reschedule, please try to give 24 hours' notice. 
  4. Feel free to review Tutoring Expectations before you arrive. Have a great session! 


Don't know what to ask a tutor? Need to study STEM smarter? Check out one of our STEMbytes and get advice from a MESA member. A STEMbyte is a "byte" sized (15-minute introduction) to a new study tip or tool, concept, or experience applicable to STEM majors. Ask a tutor about their past STEMbyte or when the next one is. In the meantime, check out our Youtube Playlist to see previous STEMbytes!