Science Symposium

The Science Symposium is an annual event held each spring semester as part of SSU’s Week of Research and Creativity. The Science Symposium showcases the scholarship and achievements of students from the School of Science and Technology and those receiving funding from the Center for Environmental Inquiry. Students present research posters and speak to attendees about their experiences. Public and community members are welcome to attend!

Faculty are encouraged to recruit students to present at the Symposium or to consider incorporating attendance into their class assignments. Participating in the Symposium is a great way for students to become actively involved in the science community and to gain experience in presenting their research.

Science Symposium 2022

Our annual Science Symposium, part of SSU's Week of Research and Creativity, will take place in-person on Tuesday, April 26, 3:30 to 6 pm, in the Student Center Ballroom. Presentations will also be posted on the Virtual Research Gallery.


Registration is now open! The deadline to register is April 11.  Be sure to select "April 26: Science Symposium" when you register. You will need to provide a brief abstract of your project at the time of registration but work does not have to be completed to register. 

Registration link: 
Deadline to register: April 11

Science Symposium 2021 Award Winners

The Science Symposium 2021 Virtual Research Gallery was once again an outstanding demonstration of the research many of you collaborated on during the 2020-21 academic year. Congratulations to all involved. We are excited to announce the 2021 award winners:

Ongaro Green Science Award:
Julieta Gomez and Rachael Karm
“Differential Bull Kelp (Nereocystis luetkeana) PopulationsResistance to Increased Temperatures”
Advisor: Brent Hughes, Biology

Ongaro Family Green Science Award:
Justin Brasil
“Variation at the SDH gene relates to heat tolerance of a beetle”
Advisor: Nathan Rank, Biology

Ongaro Family Green Science Award:
Elliott Smeds
“Mediator of mRNA Transcription Associated with Recoveryfrom Heat Stress in the Montane Leaf Beetle Chrysomela Aeneicollis”
Advisor: Nathan Rank, Biology

Best Poster:
Nicolas Schroeder, Fehlandt Lentini, Michael Jones, Christie Rowe, and Meghomita Das
“The Exhumational History and Structural Geology of AngelIsland State Park”
Advisor: Owen Anfinson, Geology

Bright Idea:
Joseph Haun
“Design of Polarization Rotator Metamirror UsingMetaparticle Surrogate-Based Optimization”
Advisor: Mohamed Salem, Engineering Science

Big Picture:
Selena Lau
“Establishing the gp120 RNA Aptamer as a Negative Control inBAFF Receptor Protein Binding Affinity Assays”
Advisor: Monica Lares, Chemistry