About Us

The curriculum offered in the School of Science and Technology meets the professional needs of students planning a career in sciences, mathematics, nursing, kinesiology and computer science. The school also covers the needs of students in the schools of Arts and Humanities, Business and Economics, Education and Social Sciences. Many of the general education courses offered in the school are directly beneficial to the students of other schools.

Students with career goals in fields such as business, management, law and urban planning may find courses in mathematics, statistics or computing essential to their future. In addition, the School of Science and Technology offers a rich selection of studies that can enhance a student’s entire life. Courses in kinesiology, astronomy, biology, geology and computer science can provide a basis for lifelong pursuits and enrichment.

The school’s dedicated faculty of professional scientists, mathematicians and health professionals are proud of the education they provide and their students’ accomplishments. Graduates have established excellent records; some have earned national awards, many have advanced degrees and virtually all have found excellent employment opportunities.

The three master's programs in biology, computer and engineering science, and nursing provide graduate students with a wide variety of opportunities ranging from research to clinical studies. In certain departments, graduate students are also provided with teaching or research assistantships.

Sonoma State University is surrounded by many high tech industries and centers, which include telecommunications, electronics, optics, biotechnology and bioinformatics. In addition to our resident faculty, a number of scientists and engineers from our local high tech industries participate in exciting graduate and undergraduate research activities in the school.