College & Beyond

There are a number of initiatives and programs in SST that not only assist students earn their degree, but provide valuable preparation and support to pursue graduate degrees and careers in their desired field.

Health Professions Advisory Program

HPAP is an advisory program for students who wish to have careers in various health professions. Students prepare at SSU to enter programs that lead to admission into medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, optometry, pharmacy, podiatry and chiropractic medicine. In addition, students can prepare for graduate study in other health professions careers to become a physician assistant, physical therapist, clinical laboratory science or in fields of public health. The Health Professions Advisory Committee provides advising for most of the above health professions.

A student in a blue lab coat holds an Erlenmeyer flask in one gloved hand while looking at a lab notebook in his other

Louis Stokes Alliance for Miniority Participation

LSAMP is an NSF sponsored program designed to broaden participation in science, technology, engineering and mathematics disciplines and increase the number of students who face social, education, or economic barriers receiving baccalaureate degrees, and ultimately Ph.D.s, in STEM disciplines.


Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement

MESA aims to recruit, retain, and graduate more historically underrepresented students in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, in addition to meeting the science and technology challenges faced by California and the nation. MESA works to serve students from low-income households, students receiving financial aid, students who are the first in their family to attend college and students whose primary language spoken at home is not English.

Sonoma Mountain Connection

Sonoma Mountain Connection (SMC), funded by the Koret Foundation, is a two-year cohort program for first-time, first-year students in STEM majors. Working with faculty mentors, students will be introduced to the complex set of skills (e.g., sound science, critical thinking, a commitment to social justice, and effective communication) required to solve today’s biggest social and environmental problems.