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About The Program

Mathematics, Engineering, Science, Achievement (MESA) at Sonoma State University is part of a nationally recognized California academic support program that provides a resilient learning community and strong base to students in the School of Science and Technology. The goal of MESA is to increase the number of historically underrepresented students who pursue and persist in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) related degrees and, ultimately, careers. Throughout their studies, the students in the program receive academic support and personal advising to keep them on track towards their degrees.

MESA students engage in “high impact” experiences, such as undergraduate research, tutoring, mentoring, and leadership development. This academic community is what sets MESA apart from other programs. MESA serves students regardless of citizenship status.


Student Goals

  • Stay in good academic standing and excel in coursework
  • Stay on track for a major, but explore other Science & Tech options if wanting to change
  • Find supports and resources to overcome obstacles and challenges

MESA helps students reach the above goals by offering a multitude of support services and benefits. The membership requirement is to do one activity each semester, but many choose to do more to get the most out of the program. We know STEM majors are hard. We are here to support you!

If you want to get more out of MESA, please check out additional ways to go above and beyond. We send out periodic email and Canvas communications about opportunities.

We have worked to create multiple ways in which students can fulfill the program participation requirements. For more information, read below!

  • Attend at least one MESA Meeting (synchronous) each semester
    • MESA Meetings are Tuesdays at 5 PM and Thursdays at 12 PM. Be sure to sign in:
    • For specific meeting information, please consult our Canvas Course.


  • Complete a Tophat Module/Folder (asynchronous) each semester.
    • The MESA Online Survival Guide has 3 modules: time management and procrastination, breaking down a syllabus, prioritizing health, internships & research opportunities, online platforms & networking.
    • If you have not already received your FREE Tophat Access Code, please email Sarah Tucker ( to request yours today!
    • For more information/instructions to access, please consult our Canvas Course.

MESA Program Eligibility

Declared or intended STEM majors/minors:

  • Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Geology/Earth Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics & Astronomy

AND One of the following:

1. Students who identify in groups underrepresented in STEM

Latinx or Chicano/Hispanic, Native American, African American or Black, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and groups from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, students who are first in their family to attend college, and LGBTQ+.

2. Students in CAASE

These programs include DSS, DREAM Center, EOP, PUERTA, Seawolf Scholars, TRIO SSS-MAP, TRIO SSS U4S. We encourage MESA members to take advantage of these programs if they qualify, and many members do! We actively recruit through Summer Bridge & CAASE advisors. 

3. Past participation in a CA MESA program 

Either K-12 MESA college prep or MESA community college programs. For example, local MESA community college students from SRJC's MESA program are automatically accepted, provided they pursue a STEM degree under the School of Science and Technology.

MESA Applications are CLOSED

If you are eligible for our program and would like a chance to apply, please email

Steps to apply

Please check out what we are all about in MESA and know that we are dedicated to fostering the success of underrepresented STEM students here at SSU. Before you proceed: Keep in mind to read through eligibility and application windows. After reviewing your application and acceptance to the program, you will be notified of the next steps to schedule/complete an intake meeting, complete enrollment, date of the first MESA meeting, and, finally, added to our newsletter email list (check spam). To be officially enrolled, you'll meet with the MESA director for an intake appointment (Loboconnect instructions emailed to you & you'll be added to the MESA canvas course). Follow the steps to apply below.

  • To apply, log in to your account (link is above to log in, under the MESA application title)
  • The application form will populate below (this will not appear if the application is closed - check above), then follow steps to apply (next).
  • If you need to reference: MESA's eligibility and application windows
  • If the form still does not populate and the application should be open, see the "Problems logging in?" section at the bottom of the page, or feel free to contact MESA.

1. Submit the online application form:


after logging into your Sonoma Account (SSO), keep pressing next until all fields are completed.

During the application: If you are receiving financial aid, there will be a place to upload your Award Summary (found when you log into the student center in MySSU) or your financial aid award letter (if new to SSU). Screenshots or pictures are acceptable.

2. To be officially enrolled, we ask that you schedule an introductory MESA intake appointment to meet with our Administrative Coordinator, Sarah Tucker. Bring all your questions! Before our MESA intake, you'll have a series of steps through an email with instructions to sign up for your MESA intake appointment through Google Calendar. We will go over the MESA agreement, advising and support options to create an individualized plan, and complete your enrollment with the MESA program. If you need more specific advice or have additional concerns, sign up for a Loboconnect appointment with an Advisor. 

    Problems Logging In?

    If you get an error after clicking the form login link above, the back button to return to this page, then click "MESA Application" in the department menu (left on desktop or below mobile). E-mail with questions.

    It would be best if you also were sure you are logged into your SSO. 

    Finally, if none of the above works, this likely means that the MESA application is closed at this time. Go back to this MESA eligibility page for more info.