MESA Mentorship

MESA prides itself on our peer-to-peer mentorship program designed to increase persistence among first-year, second-year, and transfer STEM students. The program is also intended to enhance the lower-classman student’s undergraduate experience at Sonoma State University by promoting and facilitating genuine conversations between the student and upperclassmen assigned as their mentor. Mentees will gain valuable insight and guidance from a mentor who has been through similar challenges. Students who participate in this program are expected to meet 6 times per YEAR (3 times each semester) and attend 4 MESA meetings each YEAR (2 meetings per semester) and have an ongoing accountability partner to maximize their potential for positive self-development. Mentors play a critical role in helping younger students transition to college life and adopt a growth mindset when faced with challenges in their STEM major. MESA mentors will gain leadership skills, mentoring practice, polish success strategies, and develop a strong sense of campus community and connection to MESA.

When a mentee commits to academic success and selects the MESA Peer Mentor Program, everyone benefits. 

MESA mentor mentee

MESA Mentor Definition

An academic and social role model who helps the mentee navigate their major while taking time to build a relationship, maintain trust, share expertise, and have fun.

MESA Mentor Eligibility

  • Enrolled at Sonoma State University with a minimum of six credit hours this semester
  • Have declared an SST major or minor
  • Completion of at least 60 units and at least two semesters at Sonoma State University
  • Be in good academic standing
  • You do not have to be a MESA member!

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MESA Mentee Eligibility

  • Considering or declared an SST major or minor
  • First-year, second year, or first-semester transfer student
  • MESA member or actively applying

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Please Check Canvas for the "MESA Mentor" module and instructions for sign-ups and training. If you successfully complete the year as a mentor or mentee, we have a small stipend to support your involvement.

For more information about becoming a mentor or asking to receive a mentor, contact us at