MESA Mentorship

The MESA Mentor program is a cohort-based mentor program designed to increase persistence among STEM students. The undergraduate experience at SSU is enhanced by promoting and facilitating genuine conversations between peers. Mentors play a critical role in helping new students transition to college life and adopt a growth mindset when faced with challenges in their STEM major. MESA mentors will gain leadership and communication skills, mentoring practice, polish success strategies, and develop a strong sense of campus community and connection to MESA.

  • This is a cohort-based mentorship program designed to support first-year Freshmen and first-year Transfer students. 

  • Mentors offer:

    • Support and encouragement 

    • Positive affirmation

    • Help finding resources

    • Guidance on academic health and well-being

    • Insight into the STEM experience

The deadline to sign up for Spring 2024 is Friday, February 16, 2024. 

Program Requirements

  • Meet as a cohort, outside of our general weekly meeting pattern, twice a month 

  • Attend two general weekly MESA meetings each semester with your mentor/cohort.

  • Meet at least once, one-on-one (individually), with your mentor.

What to expect from your Mentor

  • An academic and social role model

  • Campus resource to find programs, services, and departments

  • Encouragement & support in academic and personal endeavors

  • Active, nonjudgmental listening with intent

  • Clear, defined expectations

What to expect from your Mentee

  • Honest self-reflection

  • Commitment to meeting goals

  • Openness about needs and areas of weakness

  • Openness about interest in suggested activities

  • Recognition that your mentor will not always have the answers

What to expect from Each Other

  • Clear, open communication

  • Confidentiality, trust, and mutual respect

  • Commitment to positive outcomes

  • Honest, respectful feedback

    • Mentor-Mentee relationship

    • Effort put into meeting goals

  • Flexibility