MESA Application

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MESA Program Eligibility

Declared or intended STEM majors/minors:

  • Biology, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Geology/Earth Science, Mathematics & Statistics, Physics & Astronomy

AND One of the following:

1. Students who identify in groups underrepresented in STEM

Latinx or Chicano/Hispanic, Native American, African American or Black, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and groups from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, students who are first in their family to attend college, and LGBTQ+.

2. Students in CAASE

We actively recruit through Summer Bridge & CAASE advisors. These programs include DSS, DREAM Center, EOP, PUERTA, Seawolf Scholars, TRIO SSS-MAP, TRIO SSS U4S. We encourage MESA members to take advantage of these programs if they qualify, and many members do! 

3. Past participation in a CA MESA program 

Either K-12 MESA college prep or MESA community college programs. For example, local MESA community college students coming from SRJC's MESA program are automatically accepted, provided they pursue a STEM degree under the School of Science and Technology.