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How to Receive Advising

Lower Division, Completed 59 Units and Below
Major/Program Who to See

Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Earth Science, Geology, Math, Stats


Dr. Megan D'Errico, Science & Technology Academic Advisor


Mendel Murray, Professional Academic Advisor, The Advising and Transfer Center

Biology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pre-Nursing, Physics

Christina Thao, Professional Academic Advisor, The Advising and Transfer Center


Declared Upper-Division Majors, Completed 60 or More Units
Major Who to Contact

General BA or BS: any advisor listed below

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology: Drs. Lisa Bentley, Daniel Crocker, Derek Girman, Brent Hughes, Nathan Rank, Richard Whitkus, or Mackenzie Zippay

Marine Biology: Drs. Daniel Crocker, Brent Hughes, Murali Pillai, Sean Place, Mackenzie Zippay

Molecular Cell Biology: Drs. Michael Cohen, Lisa Hua, Joseph Lin, Murali Pillai, Sean Place

Physiology: Drs. Daniel Crocker, Lis Hua, Murali Pillai, Sean Place, Mackenzie Zippay

Zoology: Drs. Daniel Crocker, Derek Girman, Brent Hughes, Sean Place, Nathan Rank, Mackenzie Zippay

Chemistry, Biochemistry

For students with last names A - CL: Dr. Monica Lares

For students with last names CM- GE: Dr. Bogdan Negru

For students with last names GF - K: Dr. Carmen Works

For students with last names L - O: Dr. Steven Farmer

For students with last names P - SE: Dr. Jon Fukuto

For students with last anmes SF - Z: Dr. Mark Perri

Computer Science

Contact Drs. Gurman Gill, Mark Gondree, Ali Kooshesh, Anamary Leal, B. Ravikumar, Suzanne Rivoire, and Shubbhi Taneja. Your assigned advisor is shown in MySSU. If no advisor is listed for you, contact Dr. B. Ravikumar.

Electrical Engineering Contact Drs. Farid Farahmand, Mohamed Salem, Sudhir Shrestha, or Nansong Wu
Geology, Earth Science Contact Dr. Matty Mookerjee

Exercise Science Concentration: Drs. Wanda Boda or Bulent Sokmen

Interdisciplinary Concentration: Dr. Ellen Carlton

Lifetime Physical Activity Concentration: Dr. Steven Winter

Mathematics & Statistics

Applied Math: Drs. Martha Shott (students with last names A - M) or Sunil Tiwari (students with last names N - Z)

Bi-Di: Dr. Brigitte Lahme

Pure: Drs. Sam Brannen or Natalie Hobson

Secondary Teaching: Drs. Ben Ford or Martha Byrne

Statistics: Drs. Susan Herring (on sabbatical Fall 2020), Elaine Newman, or Rodrigo Gaitan

Pre-Nursing: Christina Thao or Dr. Anna Valdez

BSN: Drs. Rachel Napoli or Karen Werder

Post-Licensure BSN: Dr. Michelle Kelly

FNP: Dr. Mary Ellen Wilkosz

Physics & Astronomy

Astronomy: Drs. Scott Severson or Thomas Targett

Physics: Dr. Hongtao Shi


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Mathematics & Statistics

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Physics & Astronomy

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